To start off this blog I want to introduce myself so my readers have an idea about their author. My name is Kimberley, I am 19, in college, and I was born and raised in California. Growing up my mom and I were very close and we did a lot of things together. I loved watching “Cold Case”, “Law and Order”, and other crime TV shows with my mom in our free time, we both loved to watch them and would do it any chance we could. This turned into me learning about true crime on my own and finding stories online as I got older. Specifically, I love learning about kids involved in True Crime, the psychology behind committing a crime so large at such a young age and the after-effects it has on a child’s brain fascinates me. I love to watch Youtube videos, listen to podcasts, and read blogs about cases with young killers, since I do not think I can efficiently or correctly get a youtube video or podcast up, I want to create a blog (because I enjoy writing, not because I believe it is ANY easier) for those also interested in true crime where a kid commits the crime. With this blog, I want to focus on writing stories about children and teens who have committed murder, with a why and what happened after. I love learning about the context of their lives and I hardly see much about that when it comes to the murderer. I hope to inform my audience while being entertaining. Some cases I hope to cover are the Murder of James Bulger, Murder of Jeff Hall, and Murder of Elizabeth Olten. These are some cases that I find interesting in why they did what they did. While this whole blog is an assignment for my journalism class I am so excited to be able to do something like this as I have wanted to for so long.

by krandrews1211 February 1, 2021

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